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American Partner Technologies (AMPT) Program Development and Project Management Teams understand that our unique, skilled personnel must deliver results. These results are our clients success, progress, and competitive advantage. Our ability to increase efficiencies, reduce cost and waste, and increase quality while never losing focus on environment and sustainability are our value statements.

These values transcend into your progress.


Organizational Assets

Proven Results

Focused Energy

Expert Leadership in Program, Project, and Change Management


Let's face it, projects are hard work. Programs with multiple projects are even harder. In many instances organizations try to execute projects with their current staff and they fail. Sometimes organizations try several projects over and over with the same result. It's easy for even the most skilled and talented people to become discouraged from the effort of pursuing new projects in these environments.


AMPT's Program and Project Leadership are experts in helping people through even the most complex projects. We understand that in order to deliver results, our clients need to train, nurture, and motivate their greatest asset, their people, through the emotional roller coaster of project execution.



Organizational Assets and Accumulated Experience


American Partner Technologies (AMPT's) personnel have accumulated years of program and project management experience in small and large businesses, in private, corporate, public, and Federal markets, and working with projects as large as transforming an entire corporate culture to as small as providing hourly public speaking engagements.


These experiences have value. These accumulated experiences create a wisdom and foresight which, when integrated into our clients programs and projects help to mitigate pitfalls and navigate risks. These accumulated experiences also have helped AMPT create an international network of professional organizations with unrivaled ability to execute in any industry or environment.

Proven Results and the Ability to Deliver


American Partner Technologies (AMPT) staff is proud of our successful history of developing and delivering to our clients successful programs and projects. Over the past ten years we have demonstrated results completing projects focused on Property Management, Operations, Logistics, and Executive Management, and Energy Management.


We hear the same story over and over from many of our clients. A new initiative or project was implemented but failed. Many times personnel and staff are bought into these initiatives but the time, effort, and energy to manage and complete them become too much. American Partner Technologies prides itself on helping our clients see the silver lining to every program or project cloud. However, our staff will make certain your initiatives see the sun, and your organization realizes it's competitive advantage.

Focus, Energy, and Passion


American Partner Technologies (AMPT) personnel have a unique ability to clearly see the requirements of a program or project, highlight these requirements and deliverables, and focus all effort and energy on executing, monitoring, controlling, and ensuring closure to your initiatives. Our combined experience and past history provide you with a wisdom to see the intangibles which are often hinder the critical path to delivery.


With so many initiatives ongoing with daily operations, the picture can become blurry. Scope creep can often occur. Programs and projects become delayed and often set behind to focus on operations. The result can be delays, cost over runs, schedule over runs, and damaging to personnel morale. American Partner Technologies can be your magnifying glass to deliver your programs and projects accurately, precisely, and with intensity.